Students always wonder why there are guidance counselors in schools, even if they barely visit the guidance offices. Even if you are part of the majority who do not even remember stepping food in a guidance room, you still should know that they are still a vital part of a school’s success. When there does come a time wherein you feel the need to talk to someone about anything, a guidance counselor will be one of the best people you can ever talk to in school. Don’t take them for granted, and don’t have any regrets that you never made contact with them, because you never know what kind of relationship you can create.


Students need motivation, and not all the students are properly inspired, well I am sure that some are being put down by their friends and even family. When a student has no confidence or is feeling lost, it can be hard for him to perform well because his mindset is already telling him that he is a failure. The guidance counselors can spot these students by asking for grading reports from their teachers, and they can request to meet with that student to figure out if any issues are hindering the student from performing to the standard.

It is a fact that the mental health of a student is directly proportioned with their performance in school. Without the services of guidance counselors, then the teachers will have a hard time figuring out how to help improve the grades of students. Also, they aren’t educated and programmed to try and help the youth mentally and psychologically. With a little boost in confidence and letting out deep seated issues by the student, they can make a big turn around that will change his life forever.

The guidance group in a school setting sets a great example in school that gives a unique look and vibe that students can’t miss. If you ever wonder where all those posters about “don’t do drugs,” “practice safe sex,” and the list goes on. Just so you know all those came from the guidance office, and that it is their way of being passive aggressive and trying to remind you to make good life decisions all the time. It also makes the hallways look a lot nicer and not bland, it is a great way to decorate the school, and it catches a lot of attention.

It is hard for teenagers to say exactly how they feel and what their troubles are to their parents. This is because they are scared of what they will think, and probably they will be punished for having such issues. This leads them to have a weak relationship with their parents that lack communication and trust. With the help of a guidance counselor, not only can they address the student’s issue, but they can help in aiding the relationship with the parents as well.


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